Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Login using applet class and ActionListener interface

You can see all event methods in java.awt.Event class
and java.awt.event.ActionListener is an Interface that includes method named actionPerformed and takes ActionEvent as an argument.

Step 1:Create a java source file with name that is name of java class and it is mandatory that class-name and file-name must be same.
Applet class must be public.

In java source file commented applet code will not be compile by java compiler but will executed by AppletViewer.
In command addActionListener(this) "this" keyword refers as object of current class. we can also write "new Login()" at place of "this" keyword.
setEchoChar() is a method that makes password hidden.

Step 2: Run cmd(command prompt) and compile java source file, Login.class file'll be build.

then give appletviewer command and applet will pop out.

output: when you click on login then related output will display on console.


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