Thursday, August 15, 2013

How to Add or Remove (Stop Following) blog(s) from your Blogger's Reading List

With the Blogger Reading List, you can read all of the latest posts from your favorite blogs right on your Blogger Dashboard. You can add and remove your favorite blog(s) by following easy steps with pictures.

Steps to Add Blog(s) to Reading List

Step 1: Below to your Blogger Dashboard, you can see Reading List. Click on Add button to Add blog(s) on your reading list.
Step 2: Enter Blog url your want to follow or you can follow multiple blogs at once using +Add link to Add more than one blog url.
Select one of the following option from "Follow Publicly" or "Follow Anonymously". After all this click on Follow button.

Now you can see updates from blog(s) you had followed.

Steps to Remove or Stop Following Blog(s) from Reading List

Step 1: To remove blog(s) from your Reading List, click on the gear icon(Manage Reading List) to the right side of "Reading list", on your dashboard.
Step 2: Now you'll be able to see, "Manage Blogs I'm Following", Click on Settings
Step 3: When you click on "Settings", In the popup window select "Google" then you may have to login again.
Step 4: If popup window get closed then again click on "Settings".
In the popup window for the correct title, you'll find the Basics tab selected, with your profile displayed.
Below your profile, you'll see the title of the blog you want to Remove and to the right of that blog, you'll find the link "Stop following this site". Click on the link.

Step 5: Click "Stop Following" to confirm, and the Task is Completed.

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