Friday, November 16, 2012

How to Set Hibernate Environment for Eclipse with Oracle 10g Express Edition

Hibernate is Object Relational mapping (ORM) tool which is open source and distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License.
It is mainly used to map the class object with the relational database.It also Provides data query and data retrieval  functionality.
In hibernate database schema is maintained by either xml file or using Annotations.

Here we are using  Eclipse indigo SR2 or Above and Oracle 10g XE or Above
Download Required Jar files
Jars Download Link 1
Jars Download Link 2
Jars Download Link 3

1:Right Click Over Project Explorer  


2: Select Java project then click on Next

3:Type Project Name and click Next button

4:Click on finish button and click NO button on popup window

5:Project Explorer Window After Crate of Java Project

6: Right Click on your project and click on Properties

7: Properties->Java Build Path->Libraries->Add Library

8: After click on Add Library goto User Library
then click next button

9:Click on User Library

10: Click on New and give User Library Name and press ok

11: Click on Add Jars

12: Go to Hibernate jars folder where all your downloaded jar files are located and click on open.

13: View After Adding Jars , click ok

14: Select HibernateJars User Libraries Check-box and click Finish

15: Now Adding External Jars for Oracle JDBC
C:\oraclexe\app\oracle\product\10.2.0\server\jdbc\lib(Location of Jars)

16: View After Adding All Jar Files press ok

17:Final View of Project in Project Explorer After Adding All Jars

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