Thursday, April 4, 2013

How to create first jsp project using Eclipse IDE and Apache Tomcat server

In this tutorial we are creating our first jsp project with the help of Eclipse IDE.
Step 1: Go to File -> New -> Dynamic Web Project 

Step 2: Write project name and click Next button

Again click Next button 

Again click Next button
 Click check-box for Generate web.xml for deployment descriptor and click Finish button.

Step 3: Project view in Project Explorer
Check properties by right click on project and  select properties or click Alt+Enter

Step 4: Create jsp page
WebContent(right click ) -> New -> JSP File
Create a new JSP file
Click next then Click Finish button
Step 5: Write jsp page code
Step 6: right click on page and Select Run As -> Run on Server 
 Click next button then click  finish button
View in Browser 

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