Wednesday, March 5, 2014

How to Add & Remove Apache Tomcat and Creating New Server Instance/Wizard in Eclipse

Firstly you need to Download whatever version of Apache Tomcat you want to install. Three Latest version's (6.0,7.0 & 8.0) download links we are providing here

After downloading any of above versions, install setup on your system then continue with our steps. 

We are here working with Apache Tomcat 7.0
Go-to Eclipse -> Window -> Preferences

Inside Sever click on Runtime Environments (where we have already installed Tomcat 7.0)

Removing Server :
To Remove This Tomcat Server 7.0, Select it and click on Remove button.

Adding Server :
Now we are going to add Tomcat server 7.0
click on Add button

After clicking on add button you can see New Server Runtime Environments
Click on Next Button.

Now Browse your Tomcat server installed directory or go for "Download and Install" button (if you have not installed Tomcat server on your system).for JRE you can select "Workbench default JRE"
Now click on Finish Button.Then click on Ok button.

Create a New Server Instance/Wizard:
Now we are going to work with creating a new server instance/ wizard
In Eclipse go-to  Window -> Show View -> Servers
Then Click on "new server wizard"
After clicking it, you'll able to see "Define a New Server" popup window

Keep Server's host name as "localhost", select "Tomcat v7.0 Server" as type, give Server name whatever you like to see as your server name and select Apache Tomcat v7.0 from dropdownlist of Server runtime environment.

Click on Finish and you can find your given Server name in server's window.

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